Monday, October 6, 2008

** You're invited to enter a Jerison Curly contest - Deadline is TODAY**

As you may recall, last week I sent a reminder email to those who need to RSVP which I posted.

Today, is THE deadline for RSVPs, so I sent out my 2nd email reminder.

This one was sent to his family. A similar one was sent to my friends. Let's see who wins!!

SUBJECT: ** You're invited to enter a Jerison Curly contest - Deadline is TODAY**

It's easy!! All you need to do by the end of today, is RSVP!!! yay!!

Do this by sending in your RSVP of yes/no 1 of 3 ways:

1 - logon to: ______________
2 - email us at
3 - call my mom Jackie at _________

FACT: All my family and Jer's moms family/friends have RSVP'd
FACT: Our friends are CRAZY competitive and huge in numbers
FACT: Derek and Paula beat you all to the punch by RSVPing .. oh yes they did
FACT: It's between our friends and the Kellys.

Sure I want you to win, but I really need you to do this for the obvious reasons of making sure we have yummy food and drinks for you to enjoy. I would hate to have one of your nephews/cousin show you to the nearest pizza joint (Dominos is across the street) and/or tims while we eat and drink like kings/queens. Sure you can come in with your pizza or tims, but keep your tim's cup cause you'll need it for tap water :)

Who will win? Who will be entitled bragging rights? Who will get the bum rap when we announce the last Kelly to RSVP? Or the Kellys who didn't RSVP (which you'll know by the pizza and coffee stains)?

You did see this is an open bar right?? So you don't want to miss out ...

Great food! Great drinky poo's! LIVE music all night! Surprise performances from ??? !

If you have already RSVP'd and booked your hotel (DEADLINE TODAY), thanks :)


Email me is you have any questions or concerns ..


Told you I'd mention Dominos Pizza.

Anywho, 10 minutes after ! sent this email Jer's Uncle Sean RSVP'd. I hear he has a bad habit of not RSVPing. He's met his match (enter Rocky Theme song here)

Also just heard from Jer's Uncle Chris who can't make it. I guess the following does really apply to him.

Guess we don't need to set up duck hunt at the wedding after all!! Don't worry Uncle Chris and Aunt Pauline, we'll send you a copy of the DVD so you can pe part of the fun :) We'll miss you!!