Wednesday, October 8, 2008

THE plan

Holy frig, I have a plan. THE plan.

This plan is a breakdown of the entire wedding. From the Wednesday pre wedding date, to the day before the wedding, through until the end of the wedding. I have it broken down to the hour (some things the minute).

I went through the plan with my parents. "6 pages??" mom asked. Yes, 6 pages.

But not everyone will get all 6 pages. The emcee's got the plan condensed to 2 pages as did the photographer and videographer.

The best thing about having such a thorough plan is that it draws attention to the details you missed. ie, if we do this first, then this person will be distracting blah blah blah.

Sure I'm crazy, I know that the wedding won't go exactly to plan (which I'm OK with. Really), this just helps make sure that everyone who has a role in the wedding knows when to be where. I hope to eliminate questions the day of.

Who will have THE master plan? Well ... hmmmm ... I'll give it to Cortney :)

Here's a snippet of the work in progress agenda

Don't worry. I know many of you are thinking I'm delusional about things going perfectly as planned. I'm a project manager people!!! Things NEVER go as planned! So please know, this will not be me the night of our wedding...

And after the wedding, I have new plans to focus on, so there will be plenty of blogging to come for this Rockstar Bride.


Jenna said...

My wedding packet plan was 20 pages. And I emailed it to every single guest. And now I will not answer any questions, I will simply say "Refer to the packet please!" :)

My DOC loves the 20 page packet though. Really helps her to understand the day.

Emerson Beyer said...

So, I have OCD-envy. I tried to do this. I mean, I have a 20-page budget document, and an unjustifiably complex worksheet for liquor orders. And, I do have a timeline. But it's so . . . obvious. I don't want to circulate it because I think people will say, "Uh, duh."

Although - on second thought - a few "duhs" is worth zero crises.

I better get the printer warmed up . . .