Monday, October 13, 2008

Rocker Boy!!

Happy Turkey Day!

Yesterday Jer, Scott and I took our Rocker Boy (AKA K, bubes) to Vaughan Mills.

First stop, Bass Pro to see da fishes (FYI: Fishies go "gobble, gobble").

Up next, we went to "build-a-bear".

First Rocker Boy choose his bear (AKA a Moose), then he took it to the stuffing machine.

He gave the heart to the girl at the stuffing machine ...

.. and helped put the heart inside his new BFF.

Next up, giving his moose a bath. While Rocker Boy was first afraid of the blasting air, he came around.

When trying to find moose an outfit, Rocker Boy didn't like anything. "Do you like this for your moose?" I would ask, and each time I would get "No?". Yes, almost like he was asking a question. So, Moose got no clothes, but he needed a name.

Moose needed his birth certificate, and to start off the process, K swiped the barcode on the moose's tag.

Then we asked Rocker Boy to bang on the keyboard. The result: DFDS. Well, that's not much of a name, so Jer added "UAIU" to create the name "DUFADIOUS" (Du-fad-e-us).

After the we left build-a-bear, Jer and K found a photobooth (although no pics were taken by the machine).

And last, we made our way to the "NASCAR Speedpark" where we ate pizza, drank pop, and K ended his day on a ride with Jer

He had a blast. Rocker Boy knows how to have a good time. As long as there are buttons to press.

32 days!