Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm marrying a Scientologist

DISCLAIMER: I am not a hater of Scientology. I don't know much about it except that South Park is said to have done a pretty good job on explaining it. Again, I am not a hater, so please, no hate comments.

I'm marrying a Scientologist?

.. ok, not really. Or am I? You decide.

Evidence A: Jer receives some random email yesterday some from guy who Jer played a gig with once, 10 years a go. Yes, 10 years ago. Don't forget, Jer is on his 3rd email address since we've been dating.

Evidence B: The emailer claims "... you were truly the finest guitar player I ever worked with." Yes, our Jeremy. Let's call this flattery.

Evidence C: In the video, you will see a guitar played VERY high. The last thing I thought I would ever see on Jer.

Evidence D: T-shirt tucked in. Oh yes he did.

Evidence E: The event is sponsored by Scientologist founder L. Ron Hubbard

My guess, Jer was converted back in 1998. This random guy is actually his mentor, and has been stalking him. Knowing we're getting married in 15 days, he decided this rockstar could not marry a non-scientologist, and reached out to him via email in an attempt to remind him of his roots.

So? What do you think?


Alex said...

Don't you love him for who he is anyway?