Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If I have a pig ..

.. he too would be spider pig!!

Sorry, I get songs stuck in my head (usually random Simpson songs due to my coworker Adam quoting them all day). So when trying to decide what can to chat about today, I decided pets in weddings!

Now before you assume, no, my cats will not be in the wedding. Well, not physically. I did though get wedding charms made for my bouquet with my cats on them.

These are the charms I got off etsy

And these are my precious children:

Zombie cat:

Humper cat:

No way these cats would survive the day. Zombie cat would freak out and hide somewhere, and humper cat would .. well, he could hack it.

If they came, they'd look like this:

And if Lola (Kelly and Brian's dog) came, she'd look like this:

Pemeal (Tara's ex pig .. no, he was not eaten) would wear this:

And if a cow was to get married, she'd look like this:

45 days!! holy frig!

Monday, September 29, 2008

And rolling ....

So after not wanting a videographer, I was chatting with Cort ages ago about not seeing the point to having one. Cort told me to think about it, and not to dismay the idea right away. She reminded me how they had her brother set up his camera on a tripod for the ceremony, and all the hilarious moments that were caught on tape. She mentioned she loved watching it over and over and that she wished she had the speeches caught on video too. (FAIL .. As The Hog would say)

Hmmm .. good point. Cortney always makes a good point (remember the flowers? ya ..)

FYI, If Rawson Vint lived in TO, he'd so be hired.

So, I decided, again, that I want a video, but not a plain old 2 hr long snore fest. I want (sorry, WE want)captured:
* the cermony
* snippets of our musical guests
* first dance
* dad/daughter and mom/groom dances
* and highlights of our featured bands.

So maybe 2 hrs on video edited into a 15-20 min rock-like video (fun and quirky like Beastie Boy/Blink 182 videos) capturing the day. We also want the raw footage.

Not too much to ask for I don't think. Well, I posted our want on craiglist (see our ad here).

So far I've gotten 2 worth while candidates, and a few that I won't bother responding too. Anyone that sends me a one liner of "$500 flat
See if these samples interest you" goes right into my trash. Loser.

So, if you know anyone that wants to hang out with a bunch of cool people, eat food and videotape the coolest party in town, have them email me at:

46 days .. I think

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sex in the city ... and cake

Today started off with a meeting with Lida and Gil. Lida is our cake maker so my morning started on track with Starbucks and cake. M'm cake.

Our decision was to go with this style, with the brown ribbon, minus the flowers and monogram cake topper.

Our cake will have 3 tiers:

bottom tier: Vanilla
middle tier: Chocolate
top tier: Carrot or Marble

The entire icing will be butter-cream based. M'm M'm

In the afternoon, I headed to ... drum roll please

My "Sexy in the City Wedding Shower" ...

Here is the welcome sign to Mama-to-be V's apartment (Thanks Papa-V!!)

There was soooo much food! Tara had some sort of dip, but it was gone long before I was able to take a picture. I think the ladies liked it.

The girls went way out for this. Jill came down from Belleville, Cortney stopped by in the AM, then went to a shower in Bradford, came back for the shower, then was heading off to St Catharine's later tonight. Tara and Robin got stuck in traffic due to the run in Toronto shutting down the DVP/Gardiner, and Kelly was the Kelly I know and love by making over her love nest to look like this:

Then there was the cake Cortney made. LOVED them! (if you look to the right, you can see Carrie's hair. Kelly's added to the mood by playing SITC on the tv. Such details ...

No shower can be called a wedding shower without games. Here's Jill, Regilyn and mama-mia partaking in games. Let me tell you a secret ... my team always lost. FIXED I SAY!

The winners got a prize (again, FIXED!)

The day was great, and I couldn't be more thankful for the amazing work that my friends and family put into today. I must be loved :)

(psst - 47 days!!)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

bake me a cake as fast as you can

Jer and I got an early wedding gift of a wedding cake. This is great especially since Jeremy and I weren't planning on getting a cake in the first place. There are a lot of very cool wedding cakes now a days, but Jeremy and I decided to go with simple, clean and classy. Here are some samples I will be taking to my cake maker tomorrow:

Love this, minus the flowers. The flowers are a tad over the top. Beautiful but too much.

This cake is stunning. Not sure about the circles and squares though. I think I'd got with all circles. And the fondent. Not sure about that.

I love the brown and white contrast on this cake. With my wedding colours being brown, ivory and gold, the brown ribbon would look stunning. But no flowers

Now fondent or no fondent. I love the sleekness of how fondent looks, but ... I've had some really bad fondent. I'd refer plain old icing, but I fear that it won't have the clean look I'm looking for. Hmm ...

And of course, whatever we go with, it must go with my custom cake topper made by my MOH Tara. I love it!!

Guess I'll figure that out tomorrow!!

M'm m'm .. cake

48 days!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

chat, cats and cakes

I thought I would share with you my daily blogs and websites that I read religiously.

Up first, Babbling Bride

This website is a living message board where us crazy brides get to interact and share our excitement, our frustrations, everything. This is the perfect outlet for me to talk wedding and avoid annoying my friends (which I still do by the way).

The bonus, I've actually made some great friends from this site that had I met them in college or at work, we'd still be friends. So yes, I am in internet dater :)

Next up, my fav etsy vendor, Princess Lasteron

Young, smart, talented, what else do you need!! If Princess Lasertron lived in Toronto, she would so be my new best friend (not to replace my currents ones). I heart Princess Lasertron. Megan's blogs talks about everything from her current projects, her studies, her tiara wearing cat .. you name it, she talks to it. And I love seeing her post my stuff :)

This site makes me pees my pants caused by laughter every time I read it. Cake Wrecks

Jen gets pictures of professionally made cakes that are 100% disastrous and I love them. Her wit is icing on the cake (pun intended).

These are just 3 of my daily visits. Good ol' internet.

49 days!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

hair ... yeowzers!!

Last night while on my way to the yoga studio, I picked up a great magazine. I mean, of all the BILLION wedding magazines out there, 50 days before my wedding I stumbled across the best. It's an Australian magazine called "Creative Weddings". This magazine had DIY instructions on how to create your own bouquet, centre piece and they were CRAZY awesome!!! One day post wedding I may have to try it out. Just because.

Anywho, the magazine (which was 3 issues behind what is currenlty released in AU) they were promoting a hair and beauty magazine. Well, I found it online and found the hairstyle for the big day. While I won't post it here, I will post you some wicked ones they had online.

I wasn't even looking for a hairstyle and now I have one picked out. 50 days until I sport it!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Give me a B-E-R-K-E-L-E-Y !!! yay Berkeley!!

We went tonight for my tasting. My tasting crew were:

Mom - the detailed one
Dad - meat and potatoes please
Tara - the flirty one
Kelly - the time manager
Scott - compares everything to pizza

Each were provided a special book I made which they were instructed to write down anything and everything. Jer couldn't make it so this was even more important.

I had a feeling they forgot about us, but nah .. that wouldn't happen.

Anywho, they escorted us to a wonderful secret dining room.

Check out this room!!

Tara, Dad and me being silly

The food was taking a long time to come, and then it hit me ... I had the wrong date. I was a week early and my 5 guests all chimed in "ya, I thought it was the 30th".

When the Kevin the chef came up, I said "I have the wrong date don't I". He said, "why do you think that?" I responded "cause I think I'm a week early". He fessed up .. I was a week early and they didn't want to tell me. So instead, they ran out to get more food, and between 2 chefs pumped out enough food to satisfy all 6of us. Kevin invited us back for "a proper tasting". What? I graciously declined as I screwed up, not them.

Can you believe that? Instead of telling us to go away and come back, they accommodated us AND invited us back? Tom, one of the managers, told us they took it as the opportunity to be reactive to ensure their customer's happiness.

Anywho, some food pics. These do not do the food justice as my crappy camera hates me. YUMMY!!



veal and prime rib:

Even Scott ate EVERYTHING!!!

This experience has proved to me that they can handle anything. I definitely made the PERFECT venue choice for my rockstar wedding.

I have complete trust in the staff at the Berkeley Church and can't wait to see them in action the day of.

I leave you with a picture of Hank. The Berkeley's famous dog.

NOTE: For whatever reason, the crappy quality of my pics + blogger = not a good combo. So, go to flickr for better quality pics