Friday, October 3, 2008

A massage ... mmmmm

Jer's cousins Jane and Jarrett spoil us. We helped out at their wedding (Jer as the token rockstar and me as the token "get it done" gal) as our wedding gift. Remember that, as our wedding gift . So what do Jer's cousins do? They give us a gift of thanks. So yes, we got a gift for our gift (shaking head).

Anywho, Jane and Jarret spoiled us with a couples spa package at the Elmwood Spa .... woo hoo!!

We get to soak in a wicked whirlpool, swim in pool (too much effort thanks), suffocate in a steam bath and/or lounge poolside. This also referred to as "water therapy".

This is where I will be:

Next up, a 50 minute couple massage ... mmmm. Last time we had these was in Borocay on the beach. That did not suck (in case you thought an hr massage on the most stunning beach was horrible).

This may be where I'll be getting my arse rubbed.

The appointment has been made (the Wed before our wedding) and the wine picked out for us (thanks Mama-V-to-be) for our post massage date.

I heart Jane and Jarrett. They spoil us :)

43 days until something ...
41 days until I get my arse rubbed!!