Monday, December 22, 2008

Thank You!

131 posts later .. and it's a wrap. The final stamp on being a bride is the thank you cards, which 95 were mailed and delivered this morning.

That being said, this will be the last post on this blog (Kelly, it was not because you put a deadline in place). But have no fear, I will have 2 running blogs:

1) A Hot Pink Petticoat which will track my side biz in event planning.
2) New Life As New Wife which will be randomness. As of yet, there is no posts, but stay tuned!!

Now, onto the cards: If you were at the wedding stop reading this unless you want to ruin the surprise

Background: When first checking out etsy back in May, I came across this amazing designer who made poster invitations. Unless Someline Like You

When it came to our thank you cards, we wanted something funky and reasonable-ish. So, I contacted Unless Someline Like You and she created this wicked design for us, borrowing an existing design of hers and modifying it a bit to be more us.

I took the image, uploaded it to vistaprint and took advantage of the free postcards (pay for shipping).

We included 1 - 2 pictures in each card taken from the wedding. One of Jer and me and the other of the guests in the photobooth.

Anywho, wanted to share cause I think they're kinda cool.

PS - we used that quote cause my brother used the actual quote as part of his toast. It made me laugh

So, here is the card:

And this is the picture of us we used. We choose it cause it was less booby and really shows off the coolness of Berkeley Church.

I hope you enjoyed following along during my journey to my wedding bliss. I enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts with the blogger world.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to seeing you again :)

1) A Hot Pink Petticoat
2) New Life As New Wife

Love, Rockstarbride

Friday, December 19, 2008

My Rocker Wife Hair

I did it!! The day of a wicked snowstorm, I took the 90 min TTC trip to see Marleen and got my hair done.

Here it was before at the night of our wedding rehearsal:

And here it is now:

I love all the fun colours in it. And my dearest hubby likes it too so that's a bonus.

Marleen at the colour room. You should all call her if you too want some Rocker Wife hair!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ringing in the new year as a wifey

I am so excited for New Years. In past years, New Years always appears to be a bust.

Let me recap:

NY 2005: New Years at the Frankford Legion. This was my first new years with Jer. Jer was playing in his family band, to a crowd of ... maybe 30? Jer was in a mood and yelling at his brother's, I made the mistake of stepping in and telling him to stop being such an ass, that he didn't have to come down and play. Well, let's just say when the ball dropped, I had no kiss. NY 2005 SUCKED!!

NY 2006: This was a pretty good one. We went to Belleville with Tara and went out with Jillian and friends. We went to a house party followed by a visit to the bar. Nothing to crazy, but it was fun.

NY 2007: We hosted a New Year's party at our place. Jer had his toe-fecto and spent the night upstairs in bed. I had a blast, drank a whole lot of Sangria, but dear Jeri had a bummer New Years.

NY 2008: Jer has a gig with this disco band he plays with the odd time. It was in Ajax at some old person bar. The lead singer didn't show up so one of the girlfriends (not me) had to step in. I was dateless watching my boy sing. Not a bad New Years, but not a great one.

NY 2009: I CAN'T WAIT!!! 8 of us are getting dressed up and going for dinner at Coco Lezonne in Little Italy. After that, we are going dancing at the Orbit Room. My outfit will consist of my revamped wedding dress (shortened to cocktail length), hot purple Mary Jane pumps, a hot purple clutch, and a fun purple hair band to match.
(note, these are not my pumps .. I WISH!!)

Why am I so excited? I get to spend time with my friends, enjoy great food and drinks, look uber fun, and best off, spend it with my husband :) And you know what? Who knows what next year will bring so this may be my last chance at a killer new years.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Front Bum ..

.. you all know what those are. It's when you let yourself go, and the ponch below your bellybutton grows. So when you look from the side, it looks like you have a bum in the front and the back.

So now we've reviewed the front bum, I had the realisation yesterday, that I'm not far away from having my own. NOT COOL!!

As of this AM, I am back to writing down what I eat and keeping track of point (weight watchers strategy). I will also start back at yoga on Friday, and get into my 3 times a week routine.


Found a cool site called F.A.T (fit at thirty) to inspire me and with all our new fancy cookware, here starts my life as a wife that cooks!! Or maybe I'll hire a hunky cook. I bet Jer won't mind :)

If you know any sites that will encourage me to deny the front bum and live a healthier life, shoot em' my way.

Let the countdown begin!!

Day 1: Denial of the front bum!!