Sunday, October 19, 2008

when is enough a enough?

(no, the cow is not taking a poo .. that I know of. haha)

At what point do you say "no more!". If I haven't thought of it by now, then it's not an option. Right?

I'm fine with regard to food, drinks, vendors, centre pieces etc. I'm talking about Bridal Party gifts.

I've had my gifts done for at least 3 months. But I feel like it's not enough. I've asked gals on my message board, and they all told me they'd love the gift, but I feel like it's missing something.

Maybe part of that is cause my girls spoil me rotten and I feel I can never thank them enough for how supportive and great they've been? Or maybe it's cause everything else is pretty much done, and I'm getting stir crazy?

Anyone other past brides out there find themselves in this place? How did you decide "enough is enough"?

26 days
138 will be ready to PARTY!!!


Anonymous said...

Yep. Choosing bridesmaids gifts was sooo difficult for me.
I finally decided that I would do a basket for each girl and fill it with lots of little goodies that would pertain to each individual personality. But it was hard to know when to stop. I kept wondering if I had put enough gifts, if they were good enough, etc etc.

I think it was a big hit. And I'm sure what ever you got is great! So don't even stress it and just enjoy the few days you have left before the wedding. :-)

Jane R-M said...

What the heck did you get them? Originally, I thought I would get them necklaces I loved from Tiffany. But then I realized that it would have put me in the poor house. Instead I paid for their hair/makeup and also got them their jewellery for the day -- but the real gift was the inscribed bracelets--that they all love and wear all the time!
I am certain that you got awesome gifts dude...don't worry about it. PS> love the wine labels--awesome!

Evie said...

Congratulations on your big day.
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