Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Decision has been made ....

"A Hot Pink Petticoat" it is. The name is registered, and the website domain secured. Don't plan on doing anything with is yet, but when you have something good, you must grab it!!

Also decided Greg is probably the coolest guy ever. Not only is he doing or wedding pix for uber cheap, but he's throwing in e-pics, headshots, and even coming to our engagement BBQ!! So if ANYONE needs a photographer, don't look any further. He IS the guy you want!!

"Butch". Ya. Jer and I were at the Berkeley Church last night for a wine tasting, and saw the coolest dog ever!! So, we're going to get one. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but some day Bonham will have a pet Dog!!!

So that's about it!! 198 days and counting!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Hot Pink Petticoat?

So I've reached out to this girl I met on frugal bride who's a freelancer wordsmith. I asked her for some names for my possible planning business which says professional yet spunky. So of the 10 or so she sent my way, I'm really liking "A Hot Pink Petticoat".

Update on what's going on

* 199 days until I'm a Mrs
* First Special Olympics game is May 15th (waiting to get more info)
* My fun sparkly shoes came in
* Anne/Mike are throwing an engagement BBQ Aug 2
* Got a Destination Wedding to help plan for April 2009
* Oh, and we're not moving to Vancouver just yet. Boy Wonder has plans of his own which means we can't skedaddle just yet :)
* Jer's music recital is June 21 and Robin's dance recital the 23rd. Contact us for ticket info!!

So ya, that's about it. Have my exam this thurs/fri .. eeee!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Energizer on speed??

Would you have it any other way Kelly? Didn't I tell you what else I've been up to?

* Studying for an IT certification only 600-700 people in the world have
* Volunteered to help coach a Toronto Special Olympics softball team. Still waiting to see if this is a go
* Looking into a possibility at a re-location (just entertaining the idea). Vancouver or Brentford UK. Wouldn't be until Dec/Jan yet (so this will keep me busy if I hit a lull Kel). I can so see Robin's eyes rolling right about now (ha ha ha)

So ya, I get crap from my mom all the time about getting WAY too much on my plate, then stressing out and crying about how stressed I am. Ahhhh .. things never change :)

UPDATE 04/23/08: Got myself signed on to help plan a 2009 destination wedding!! yay!! Still need a catchy name though ... so keep em' coming!!

204 DAYS til I become Mrs Lucky Bastard!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

My first day of wedding coordinator gig

So I figured planning for my own wedding was not enough, so I've volunteered to act as the day of wedding coordinator for a girl I met.

What does this mean? Ultimately, I act as the couples eyes and ears the day of the wedding. Ensure the decor is the way it should be, make sure the vendors do their job, and try to eliminate any risks the day of so the couple can enjoy their day.

I'm quite excited actually! And turns out the bride went to Queens University and knows a girl I went to high school with. Small world I tell you.

So, if you know anyone who's getting married and needs someone to help them get on track and/or be their eyes and ears, send them to me!!

Now, only to think up a new business name for my consulting servcies. Hmmmm ....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh my gawd I have a blog!!

This is it. My first blog entry. Who would have thought I'd have a blog? Who really wants to hear what's on my mind?

I decided that I wanted to document my days leading up to Jer and my wedding and thought this would be a great way to do so.

As of today (210 days until I become a rockstarbride) we have been busy planning. We have completed:

* date (Nov 14 2008)
* location (Berkeley Church, Toronto ON)
* Wedding Party confirmed
* dress has been ordered (sorry, would love to post but NO WAY!! hahaha)
* hot shoes have been purchased as well as my party shoes (flats for the reception) en route from the States
* band has been booked - Groovestone
* Officiant booked - Pastor Rick Wells (Currie family friend of 20+ years)
* Flowers ordered - (
* Photographer booked (
* MCs chosen and lined up ready to go
* Musical guests confirmed
* Cake maker confirmed
* Guest lists/addresses complete
* wedding website (except Jer's additions)
* Centre pieces design confirmed
* Hair/Makeup lady booked
* do-it-yourself wedding ring workshop book (July 5)
* Honeymoon (couples resort up North .. thanks for the suggestion Mom!!)

Lots done, but lots still to go. Good thing I have 210 days to go!!