Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shoe saga continued ..

Who would have thought shoes would drive me this crazy???

OK, first off, here are the boys boots:

Robin's jaw dropped when she saw them (in the WTF? way) and said "You know you're getting married in those right?" hahah. Robin is so Robin.

Last night Robin told me that I need hot pumps for my staggette (which is this weekend). All I could think of is "what do I wear?? I need bar pumps!!", which got me back to stressing somewhat about my wedding shoe sega. Well, I've got news my friends. We have a winner.

First off, I was thinking about these robin's egg blue Anne Klein sling backs that I bought a while back for $40. Hot, comfy, but not the right colour.

Then I was heading down for a coffee this morning and the shoe store where I bought my silver shoes AND the blue sling backs, was having a sale. Look at these babies. Comfy, lower heel, works with the colour scheme, and WAY HOT!

Best part, got them for $42. Oh yes I did.

YAY!! I have shoes!!!

Now, for the staggette, I will have to ask Robin if either the blue sling backs or plain black pumps are preferred.

17 days!!


Anonymous said...

Red shoes for stagette

Rockstarbride said...

i don't have red shoes!! Well I do, and they're already bar grimed up. Maybe I'll try and clean them the best I can?