Friday, July 25, 2008

John "Dear"?

A girl on the Frugal Bride message board talks about her farmer fiance's love for John Deer. So, here's my take on what I would have for a John Deer Wedding. Of course, using my obsession Etsy as my source.

I start with, the shower favour. If I was throwing this gals staggette, these wedding favours would be a must. Pink tractors!! Awesome!! I would contact the etsy buyer Sweet Lollipop Shop, and see about doing them in her wedding colours.

The wedding favour. These are way too cute!! I imagine if I was having a John Deer theme wedding, it would be held outside. So I would hang these around and ask the guests to take one home with them. Etsy seller: BlueMama

The centrepieces. I would have something yummy in these and use this as the focus of my table. Seller, Wags Creations

These are so cute!! These would definalty be part of my bridesmaid's gift. Esty seller, My Mom Madelt.

And these by Sunset Sign Design would be part of the groomsmen gift.

For the groom's eyes only. These, by Bodylish, without a doubt, would be butt warmers

And this, by Bellarosa Garters for the garter. For sure

And just in case "Aunt Flow" comes for a visit. I will contact seller Pleat for some of these.

Don't worry mom!! The wedding you will be attending in 112 days will not carry any of these components. Or will they .. hmm


Anonymous said...

You are a maniac. That post was some top quality, funny stuff. I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...


I'm an inspiration! haha! This was a solid gold post Alison, John (yep, that's the farmer fiance's name!) is going to love this (if I'm brave enough to show him, LoL!)

Thanks hon, you're the bestest! I'll throw the idea of having a tractor themed shower out there...we'll see what the mom's say, LMAO!


Susan said...

You'd be amazed how many people buy those John Deere candy jars. I can't make them fast enough! Seriously.

--The Wags Creator