Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Big Girls Don't Cry"

I sure do, and I sure did today. Without getting into what triggered this all I know is the waterworks were WAY over due. My job, my weight, the wedding. You name it, it's stressing me out HUGE!!

I was googling "wedding stress" today, and came across this great list of what to do to help ease stress .. for the extrovert bride.

1. Take up salsa dancing --- ummm, how about yoga?

2. Join Taichi -- join what? ohh.. Tai Chi. No thanks

3. Take a break and go on a tour .. WOULD LOVE TO!! But, no money + no vacation time = thumbs down

4. Dine at a high class restaurant with your bride .. they mean my groom right?

5. Go for a picnic with the whole family .. BBQ, next week. CHECK for the good guys

6. Go skiing .. where would I go skiing in July?

7. Go for karaoke singing sessions with buddies .. GREAT IDEA. Must make a desperate call into my good friend Cortney

8. Go parachuting .. cool. But doubt it

9. Go on a shopping spree like there is no tomorrow .. Ya, I live 2 doors down from my shopping spree. Wanna see my new dress and shoes?

10. Go sky diving .. again, cool. But doubt it

Anyone else have any great tips to de-stress?

As mentioned, I needed a good cry. Poor Jer was so shocked and kept saying "your breathing is freaking me out". Ya, I cried like a little kid who can't catch their breath. Was awesome :) and I'm sure the first of a few more

See here for more de-stressing ideas.

What a minute! Did Jer actually offer me a back rub which I turned down??

115 days to go ... ya