Monday, July 28, 2008

Foam Party!!

Jeremy and I were in Belleville this weekend (Jer had a gig). We boogied up Jer's parents place Saturday night and spent yesterday at their home. Anne and Mike have been doing work on their house. I think the fact they are hosting our engagement BBQ is a driving force, but maybe not :)

Anywho, when I asked how many people they expect, they said "I don't know, about a hundred." A hundred!! Holy smokes! Guess that's what happens when I marry into a family where there is 29 aunts and uncles to start with.

Today's post, pictures off the web to get me in prepped.

Cooking nescessities:

The food

the party .. pool party

Not to mistaken for a foam party (definition: A foam party is a social event in which participants dance to music on a dance floor covered in several feet of suds or bubbles dispensed from a foam machine





And of course, family and friends

** No, these are not our family members :)

109 days until Our Rockstar Wedding!!


Topper said...

that picture is wrong on so many levels

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