Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fresh new face ...

Do you know how hard it is to find a blog template that works? Not only functionally, but a template that suites the look and feel of who you are and what you're blogging about.

Does the template work with your existing content?
Are there enough columns in your blog for what you want to display?
I found that I had to go into my existing blogs and tweak them so they'd fit in the width of these new column sizes.

I found a really cool site that has a bunch of great templates and add in s(if I ever choose to venture down that path). That site? Pyzam
However, for whatever reason the site keeps dropping while on Jer's MAC. Maybe it's just too much to handle? Regardless, this is my new look. I think it's a little more funky and a little more me.

If anyone else can recommend some great blog sites with FREE downloads, please leave me a comment.

And to everyone else, keep checking in cause you may find some new changes. Some cool, and some not soo cool ... hahaha

136 days to go!!