Sunday, July 6, 2008

I know every nook and cranny ...

... in the boys wedding ring. Why you ask? Cause I made it!!

Back in March, I recalled a few years back when our friends Kelly and Brian were getting married. Kelly mentioned this cool place where you can make your own wedding rings. I called Kelly, but she couldn't recall the place, so I went to good old google. There it was, The Devil's Workshop. How friggin cool!!

So, I asked Jer, and he was totally game for it. The idea of making each-others wedding bands is too cool to imagine.

4 months after booking the appt, today was the day. Store Owner. Sarah Wan, was not only our instructor, but at the end of the workshop she handed us a DVD of pictures documenting our adventure. Much appreciated since Boy Wonder failed to tell me he was re-juicing the camera battery at home WHICH evidently, was still home!!!

Anywho, here's our adventure!!!

Step 1

The white gold

Step 2

Cutting/sanding the ends to make our ring 'ends'

Step 3

Bend the metal into a circle and lining up the perfect ends (not easy)

Step 4

Melt the ends to create the seam

Half time!! Somewhat resembling rings

Step 5

More banging. This time, we actually make the rings round and finalise the sizing

Step 6

File, sand, sand, sand some more

Step 7

Polish the babies off

Step 8

SUCCESS!!! We're done! 6 hrs later, "blood, sweat, and tears", we have 2 stunning rings. We ROCK!!

Notice the dust on my face?? (you thought I was going to say boobs didn't you)

They're perfect and I can't wait to wear it for the rest of my life!!!

132 Days Until I Wear My PERFECT Wedding Ring!!


princess lasertron said...

those ARE perfect!! I wish we had something around here to do something similar.

Also, is Kelly Indian?? I'm pretty sure I was stalking her wedding photos on flickr...

Rockstarbride said...

no she's not :)