Sunday, July 20, 2008

So many parties ....

We all know that weddings don't just include the wedding. Nope. There's engagement parties, wedding showers, and the anticipated stags and staggettes.

Last weekend I attend my good friend's Amy Staggette, and Boy Wonder planned and attended the stag for his buddy (and one of his groomsman) Ryan this past Friday.

First off, Amy's wedding shower.

LOCATION: Belleville, ON
HOST: Mrs Mama Sue (Amy's Mom)

Mama Sue's in the stripped t-shirt. The woman to her right is Amy's grandmother.
FACT: a couple years ago when Amy went to get her nose ring, both her mom and grandmother went with her. And also got nose rings!! CRAZY FRENCH LADIES!!!

Hot panties are a must have!!

The customary ribbon hat

The Staggette

LOCATION: Belleville ON, Little T's
HOSTS: Suzanne (MOH) and Tanya (HMOH)

Rule #1 of a staggette to remember (after the obvious ... A PLAN!!). Matching shirts. These are fun yet presentable. I remember when Jill got married (about 6 years ago) we dressed her up like Brittany Spears on a bad day. We've gotten better as the years go by

These shirts were made by Tanya and were perfect.

Rule #2 - transportatation.

This may be a car (with DD's of course), TTC, taxi, or limo. Mama Sue went for the limo

Rule #3 - fun bar and fun gals who love to laugh and have a good time

Rule #4 - make sure the bride gets home in a fun, coherent state


LOCATION: Toronto ON, Polsun Pier, Detroit Eatery, Grace O'Malley's
HOSTS: Matt (BM) and Boy Wonder

Rule #1: Awesome matching T-Shirts

Rule # 2: An activity where "boys will be boys"

Rule #3: Hot transportation

Rule #4: Good friends

Rule #5: Getting the groom home in a waken state (with a blow up doll .. dead by cigarette)

At the end of it, the stag/staggette should be a night the bride and groom remember as the best night of their lives with their closest friends. Key phrase: night the bride and groom remember. Nothing bums a good party more than a night with no plan, going to places the bride or groom would never normally want to go, and a drunk beyond recognition lady/man of the night. Not fun for anyone, and the bride or groom will be left with great disappointment.

117 days until I'm a Rockstar Bride!!