Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If I have a pig ..

.. he too would be spider pig!!

Sorry, I get songs stuck in my head (usually random Simpson songs due to my coworker Adam quoting them all day). So when trying to decide what can to chat about today, I decided pets in weddings!

Now before you assume, no, my cats will not be in the wedding. Well, not physically. I did though get wedding charms made for my bouquet with my cats on them.

These are the charms I got off etsy

And these are my precious children:

Zombie cat:

Humper cat:

No way these cats would survive the day. Zombie cat would freak out and hide somewhere, and humper cat would .. well, he could hack it.

If they came, they'd look like this:

And if Lola (Kelly and Brian's dog) came, she'd look like this:

Pemeal (Tara's ex pig .. no, he was not eaten) would wear this:

And if a cow was to get married, she'd look like this:

45 days!! holy frig!