Monday, September 29, 2008

And rolling ....

So after not wanting a videographer, I was chatting with Cort ages ago about not seeing the point to having one. Cort told me to think about it, and not to dismay the idea right away. She reminded me how they had her brother set up his camera on a tripod for the ceremony, and all the hilarious moments that were caught on tape. She mentioned she loved watching it over and over and that she wished she had the speeches caught on video too. (FAIL .. As The Hog would say)

Hmmm .. good point. Cortney always makes a good point (remember the flowers? ya ..)

FYI, If Rawson Vint lived in TO, he'd so be hired.

So, I decided, again, that I want a video, but not a plain old 2 hr long snore fest. I want (sorry, WE want)captured:
* the cermony
* snippets of our musical guests
* first dance
* dad/daughter and mom/groom dances
* and highlights of our featured bands.

So maybe 2 hrs on video edited into a 15-20 min rock-like video (fun and quirky like Beastie Boy/Blink 182 videos) capturing the day. We also want the raw footage.

Not too much to ask for I don't think. Well, I posted our want on craiglist (see our ad here).

So far I've gotten 2 worth while candidates, and a few that I won't bother responding too. Anyone that sends me a one liner of "$500 flat
See if these samples interest you" goes right into my trash. Loser.

So, if you know anyone that wants to hang out with a bunch of cool people, eat food and videotape the coolest party in town, have them email me at:

46 days .. I think