Wednesday, September 10, 2008

so here it is ...

... our invitation. Those guests invited to our wedding should have or will be receiving an invitation in the mail. So, if you haven't yet, and don't want to ruin the surprise, then stop reading here!

1. Our inspiration. I saw this picture online at Uniquity Invitations and fell in love. So, we decided we could make these ourselves.

2. We found the perfect chandelier via google. Then Jer found it on istockphoto with a much higher resolution. PERFECT!

3. I ordered cardstock from Paper Source which worked perfectly. The colour we choose it unique and perfectly us.

4. Robin took me to her 2nd home, John Bead. 1000 rhinestones later ... sexy chandeliers.

5. Instead of the traditional RSVP cards, we got business cards made at vista print directing our guests to our wedsite.

6. We also got made at vista print our "load your photos here" postcard. This card asks our guests to load their pictures onto flickr so we don't get email after email after email of pictures. Also, everyone can see everyone else's pictures. This will also be where we post our professional pics.

7. We had labels made on etsy by Modern Moments. We love how they turned out.

8. We couldn't have any old stamp. When I saw these, it was game over.

So here it is, the final product.

Jer finishing the cuts

Everything (minus the photocard)

Bohman doing a quality check

83 envelopes ready to go

Phew!! One MAJOR thing out of our way.

PS - Got our first RSVP! woo hoo!

65 days to go!


livlaflove said...

STUNNING!!! Truly amazing work Alison (& Jer) - mine next?! LoL

Sam :)

Emerson Beyer said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I covet not only the result but your smarts and creativity.

Jenna said...

The rhinestones are SUCH a nice touch, although I am sure you were sick of them after glueing them on over and over. If I had found those stamp I know I would have found a way to use them as well :)

princess lasertron said...

I really love the chandelier motif. They look awesome!