Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Give me a B-E-R-K-E-L-E-Y !!! yay Berkeley!!

We went tonight for my tasting. My tasting crew were:

Mom - the detailed one
Dad - meat and potatoes please
Tara - the flirty one
Kelly - the time manager
Scott - compares everything to pizza

Each were provided a special book I made which they were instructed to write down anything and everything. Jer couldn't make it so this was even more important.

I had a feeling they forgot about us, but nah .. that wouldn't happen.

Anywho, they escorted us to a wonderful secret dining room.

Check out this room!!

Tara, Dad and me being silly

The food was taking a long time to come, and then it hit me ... I had the wrong date. I was a week early and my 5 guests all chimed in "ya, I thought it was the 30th".

When the Kevin the chef came up, I said "I have the wrong date don't I". He said, "why do you think that?" I responded "cause I think I'm a week early". He fessed up .. I was a week early and they didn't want to tell me. So instead, they ran out to get more food, and between 2 chefs pumped out enough food to satisfy all 6of us. Kevin invited us back for "a proper tasting". What? I graciously declined as I screwed up, not them.

Can you believe that? Instead of telling us to go away and come back, they accommodated us AND invited us back? Tom, one of the managers, told us they took it as the opportunity to be reactive to ensure their customer's happiness.

Anywho, some food pics. These do not do the food justice as my crappy camera hates me. YUMMY!!



veal and prime rib:

Even Scott ate EVERYTHING!!!

This experience has proved to me that they can handle anything. I definitely made the PERFECT venue choice for my rockstar wedding.

I have complete trust in the staff at the Berkeley Church and can't wait to see them in action the day of.

I leave you with a picture of Hank. The Berkeley's famous dog.

NOTE: For whatever reason, the crappy quality of my pics + blogger = not a good combo. So, go to flickr for better quality pics


Jenna said...

That is really one awesome venue. Every restaurant I have worked at would have said "no way" and sent you packing. Awesome.