Saturday, September 27, 2008

bake me a cake as fast as you can

Jer and I got an early wedding gift of a wedding cake. This is great especially since Jeremy and I weren't planning on getting a cake in the first place. There are a lot of very cool wedding cakes now a days, but Jeremy and I decided to go with simple, clean and classy. Here are some samples I will be taking to my cake maker tomorrow:

Love this, minus the flowers. The flowers are a tad over the top. Beautiful but too much.

This cake is stunning. Not sure about the circles and squares though. I think I'd got with all circles. And the fondent. Not sure about that.

I love the brown and white contrast on this cake. With my wedding colours being brown, ivory and gold, the brown ribbon would look stunning. But no flowers

Now fondent or no fondent. I love the sleekness of how fondent looks, but ... I've had some really bad fondent. I'd refer plain old icing, but I fear that it won't have the clean look I'm looking for. Hmm ...

And of course, whatever we go with, it must go with my custom cake topper made by my MOH Tara. I love it!!

Guess I'll figure that out tomorrow!!

M'm m'm .. cake

48 days!!!


Anonymous said...

you have some great choices there!

when I got married I had the same dilemma with the fondant icing. in the end we decided to use buttercream...and it looked great!
[and tasted yummy too}