Tuesday, September 16, 2008

license to wed

Yesterday Jeremy and I went to get our marriage license. We knew we had to bring ID, but what we didn't know is that if you don't have a government issued ID with your middle name identified in full, you will become registered as First Name Initial Surname.

During the registration process, and between pokes me of referring to my hubby-to-be as "Jeremy S Kelly" he kept saying "From this day forward, I will be known as Homer Jay Simpson". Simpson fans out there will know what I am referring to, but for those who did not get the full reference (such as me) a quick sidetrack to the episode: "D'oh-in In the Wind" is the sixth episode from the tenth season of The Simpsons.

Plot: After appearing in a short promo for Mr. Burns and the Nuclear Power Plant, Homer realizes that he does not know what his middle name is (he has always just used the initial "J." before). Abe takes Homer to a commune where Homer's mother lived "after life with me became a living Hell," as Abe puts it. They meet Seth and Munchie, two hippies who knew Homer's mom back in the '60s. Homer finds out that his mother painted a mural on Seth & Munchie's barn, and dedicated it to him using his full name: Homer Jay Simpson.

Anywho, back to our day. Ya, we can now get married

The first signing (we had to sign 3 documents in total):

Me modeling with the official license:

And me and da boy .. Jeremy S Kelly

Also found a place near work that does hand engraving. As you may recall, Jer and I made our own rings. My ring is only 1.5mm so no machine can engrave in such a small surface. So finding Ron at Batten Hand Engraving was a reall success. Our rings will make their over to see Ron tomorrow. Woo hoo!!

Mom got her outfit on the weekend. I'm heading over to her place tonight to make crafts and have her model her sexy outfit.

Until tomorrow!!

59 days and still counting!