Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You what?? ahhhh

phone rings

Alison: Good afternoon Alison
Caller: Hi Alison it's Marleen
Alison: Hi Marleen
Marleen: Has the salon called you yet?
Alison: No why?
Marleen; Well, I no longer work there.
Alison: ahhhhhhhhhh

Well, it's all good my fellow readers. Marleen is looking to open her own business (which is why she was fired. Someone found out at the salon where she works that she's been looking to branch off). So she gave me her cell number, and told me she will call me in 2 weeks to let me know where she's set up shop. Worst case (well, in her opinion) is that she will come to me for the day of the wedding.

THANK GAWD she had my number! Where would I be without Marleen? She's been there through new jobs, weight gain and weight loss, and helped me from my $1 Philippines hair cut! I heart Marleen.

More Inspiration

As promised, more pictures from Bruce and Ola's March 23, 2007 wedding to get you geared up for a wicked party on Nov 14, 2008. All pictures taken by Denni Russel

Tasting today, pickup engraved rings today, taste cake on Sunday, enjoy my wedding shower on Sunday.

52 days with so much to do!