Thursday, August 21, 2008

What's under that dress?

I talked about potentially wearing pink crinolin under my dress. As much as I LOVE the thought, it won't go with my style of dress.

I wanted something fun under the dress :(

I picked up a stunning pair of shoes ....

I love these shoes and they go perfect with my dress. BUT .. the stupid straps that go across the toes friggin kill. I've tried stretching them, but without success.

So .... check out these coloured shoes under a white dress.

Following photos by photographer Amy Squires

Love these green shoes. Tried to find them (well, half ass) but could not find these nine west beauties in green.

Then I saw these on one of the bridal message boards I scout regularly.

Did you see the heart on the babies?

Well, I found these in green :)

So I bought them yesterday, and they arrived today!! woo hoo! They're the same heel height as my silver ones, but WAY more comfy!

Can't wait to show these babies off.


Janice said...

AWESOME choice!! Honestly - they will look incredible under your dress!!

Reila said...

woohoo congrats on the shoe. i'm happy my shoes inspired someone else.

reilabird :)