Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Craft Day!!

Hello all!! I am back from my 4 day vacation, complete with zero email, internet, and a CRAZY migraine. Funny thing about the migraine, it went away the minute I woke up this morning. Is it some sick sign telling me that my job has become my life and taking 4 days off is a big no-no? If so, BOO!!

Anywho, I have some peeps asking about invitations.

Well, a few Saturdays back, I had a craft party. This party was hosted at my bridesmaid Robin's house, and was attended by each of my girls, Jeremy, Brian (AKA hubby of Kelly), my mother, sister-in-law and nephew Jakey.

(Brian's taking the picture, Jer is off picking up burgies and beer)

The plan?

1 - 500 rhinestones on invitations

2 - 15 centre pieces to be figured out

3 - funkifying my cake cutting set

The result? everything completed in 2 hours!! woo hoo! Well, except Robin's cake knife (tisk tisk Robin)

We decided to send the invitations in the next couple of weeks to allow a least 2 months for our guests to rsvp and book hotels. Well, if they know me they'd RSVP ASAP!!

This also gives me time to get everything else we're sending with the invitation done (ie cut the invitations and print the map). Then voila!! Off they go!!

79 days until I attend the best party I'll ever throw myself!!