Thursday, August 14, 2008

I love my wedding website. Sorry, "our" website :)

I looked at all the free wedding weDsites (yes, "weDsites"):

Wedding Announcer

My Wedding

Although these would do the job, there are way too many pages to choose from that we don't need.

Then there's wedding weDsites that charge a fee:

Wed Quarters charges $29.95 a year.

Again, too many pages to choose from and for a fee, I'd rather have a personal website than www.wedquarters/

So what did we do?

So, I went with a website that did cost a small fee, allowed be to customize as much/as little as I want, AND I could choose my own web address.

I present to you from Go Daddy ...

I love our website. I spent hours on this and had many eyes look through this to tweak it here and there.

Our website has all the info our wedding guests need without indulging into the nitty gritty. It has the basics. The date, start time, venue info, hotel info, who's who (ie our "rockstars"), links to our vendors, RSVP and a guest book. As my dad would say "Bingo, Bangom Bongo" (aka done and done).

Best part, is after the wedding, I can rework this website to whatever I want. Maybe talk about how great of a wife I am? To be determined :)

Go check it out! You'll only get to the home page (unless you know the secret password) but at least you'll water your tastebuds craving more!!