Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For you boys ... "Stag Perfection"

Let's talk stags. One upon a time this was known as the "last day of freedom" for the groom. It was the last time to get inebriated upon recognition with "the boys".

I've heard of friend's being whisked away to Vegas, New York, Halifax, St John's. All awesome, but WAY expensive and limits the number of boys who can attend due to taking time off work and/or finances. Then I've heard stags that consisted of 6 men, and a LAME time. I blame that to lack of prep work by the Bestman.

I introduce you to what I call "Stag Perfection"

It has a little something for everyone: food, video game, bowling, pool, booze, and ending the night with the traditional visit to the nuddie bar.

BOYS, did you notice that each venue had an associated time attached to it? This is called planning! This is what you do so those who cannot attend for the entire day know where you will be and at what time. Crazy concept hey?

I heard back from Jane on this event (Jane is the groom's bride). She told me he had a blast and almost every guy that went, went for the entire day. That's what I call a successful, well planned out Stag.

Top 6 things to do while planning a stag (if done by a woman):

1 - Pick a date 2 months in advance and let the grooom and attendees know that date so they can keep it open.

2 - Plan the day or night's schedule. That doesn't mean pick something the day of. CALL the venues and see what they have to offer. Perhaps they have specials? or maybe they're even associated with another venue? Try not to limit just one place (ie nuddie bar) cause you will find not everyone who can come, will come.

3 - Communicate the times you will be at each venue to the attendees so they know where you will be when. This will also let those know where you will be going in case Grampa Joe doesn't want to go to the nuddie bar. This upfront honestly can also be seen as "no surprises" and you're boys will appreciate this. TRUST ME!!

4 - Make sure that there is LOTS of food to counter the booze in-take. This will ensure everyone can enjoy the entire night.

5 - Ask each guy to chip in a set amount of cash to cover the costs for the groom. Nothing sucks more then being out $200 at the end of the night while others chipped in $0. This ensures the groom has a good time and everyone contributed to his happiness.

6 - Don't drink and drive. Have a DD, take the TTC, rent a limo. Whatever you do, don't be an idiot when there are options, options, options.

At the end of the day, the day is about the groom. Don't plan a stag you'd want if it doesn't interest the attendees or the groom. You will have a disappointing turnout.


Dan said...

All I can say is this...

Grandpa Joe ALWAYS wants to go to the nudie bar!

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