Friday, August 8, 2008

Our Mini Moon

We get married on a Friday. That following Sunday, Jeremy and I will be boogying up North for 4, highly anticipated nights, at Couple Resort. This resort was actually referred to us by my mothers co-worker after I told my mother Jeremy and I were just looking for a cabin in the woods.

Some have asked why we aren't going away for a full blown honeymoon. I have 3 reasons:

1 - $$$. We just spent $x on the wedding, now we're expecting for fork out $4 - $10K+ for a week or 2 away? On top of the wedding? no thanks.

2 - hot resorts. I've been away to South American resorts 4 times in the last 7 years. Each time I've gotten sick from either the sun/food/dirty pool water. Again .. no thanks.

3 - exhaustion. If I go away, I want to go AWAY. Europe, Asia, where ever. And when I go away, I want to be full of energy to take it all in. Waking up at crazy hours to make that impossible train to the next adventure. After planning our wedding in 9 months, I imagine I will want to do a whole lot of nothing. So that's what we're doing. Nothing. And I CAN'T WAIT!!

So Jeremy and I agreed, that for our 1 year anniversary, we're going away away. What excites me about this, is that after the wedding, I will have something else to plan that I can look forward too.




Endless opportunities. I can't wait to plan that!

But first, 100 days until my mini moon!!