Friday, August 29, 2008

Why didn't I think of her earlier???

Success!! I've already planned out the song my girls (and Kalen) will be walking down to. Everytime I hear it in that arrangement and picture how it will go, I tear up. Well, in an attempt to secure Dawn Langstrath (Jer was on tour with her) to sing it for us, it's too hard with a musician and the unknowns of what they will be doing in advance. (Same issue with the band .. but it's Jer's problem, not mine)
The other thing is that our other musical guests are friend's of ours; people who are there as our guests and not a vendor.

So it hit me last night while Jer and I were driving home from Dance Registration. Shelby sings, Shelby is probably the coolest dresser in Toronto I know (Meghan has NL covered, Hilary has QC, and Hayley has BC), and she'd fit in perfectly with My Rockstar Wedding!!

I asked her, and she said yes!! woo hoo!!

Here's Shelby ....

And while I'm posting pics of my cool dressing (and amazingly wicked to hang out with) friends ....

My good friend Meghan (always 6 months ahead of the newest trend).

Meghan's older sister Hilary (the only person I know who within the first 5 sec of meeting her you feel like you've known her forever).
Also the queen of Halloween (as seen here).

And sadly I don't have a pic of Hayley. But trust me, she is the "mod queen of the year"! You can see her style by her collection at "Birds of North America"

I am so thrilled Shelby can sing at our ceremony. She is perfect for the job :)

77 days (I think)


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