Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Newest Love... Etsy.

I love Etsy. I have bought a LOT of stuff for my wedding from Etsy. Here, I will show you some of it :)

*** If you are coming to the wedding and don't want to ruin the surprises, then stop reading here!! ***

1) My first etsy purchase: my veil
NOTE: This isn't it, but it's by the same girl and it's very similar. The price : $70 including labour, materials and shipping. In total 2 weeks from order to it landing at my door
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2) My jewellery
NOTE: She just sent me this. Seriously!. Total price - $42.75 (my budget was $75)
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3) Kalen's ROCK N' ROLL JACKET (work in progress). Can't wait to see my little guy rocking this out. Price including shipping!! $52
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4) My bouquet. These are way too cool for school. Here is the pic which drove me to get these done. This won't be what I get, but you can imagine how friggin cool they will be!! Total price for bouquet, boutonniere - $65
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I also ordered my bridesmaids gifts and in the progress of getting made custom address labels. However, I want these folks to be surprised and don't want to ruin it for them by posting the pics.

Go to Etsy and see why I'm obsessed! But be careful, or you too will become addicted!


Mom said...

Don't give away any more info!!! You are spoiling everything don't you know.

Rockstarbride said...

mom .. that's why there's the disclaimer "stop reading if you don't want to ruin it for yourself"

kim said...

that bouquet is FANTASTIC! i'm totally going to check 'em out! thanks!