Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Looking good and feeling gorgeous"

Mom: "So Alison, what are you doing with you hair?"
Alison: "Well, I was thinking of doing this" (hairstyle #1)

Mom: "Why not wear it up? You're hair may go flat and loose the curl"
Alison: "Well, Marleen (my hairdresser) may have hair extensions for me to wear, so it will help make my hair more full"
Mom: "I think you should wear it up"

See, I have a tattoo on my upper back. I love my tattoo, but for the day of my wedding, I was thinking I'd like to hide it. So, I found a hair style I thought would be perfect. It's off my face, hides my tat, but still stunning.

However, to entertain my mother, I showed her this, which she liked much more. (hairstyle #2)

I have to admit, I LOVE this hair and normally this would be my first and only choice. So I guess it comes down to the tattoo (ya ya ya mom ... if I didn't get it in the first place :p)

So lets do a poll!!

Hairstyle # 1
hairstyle # 2

Crap, I think I'm leaning toward #2 (sans flower cause I have my wicked birdcage veil). Hmmm ... I guess we'll see the day :)

Next on my list, MAKEUP!!

Love the pinup girl look. Red lipstick .. don't think so, but I love this overall look.

and this too

Any thoughts? suggestions?

I've read that a few months to go before the wedding and you start double guessing. I STILL HAVE 5 MONTHS!! Ahhhhhh!!!

142 days!!


*Michelle said...

Those are some very different hairstyles chicka! I just started reading your blog, so I cant comment to you personally, but I would say it depends on your wedding theme. Your hair doesn't have to be themed too, but I would try not to completely clash with your own theme. #2 is very gardeny lacy, slightly vintage. #1 is probably the most versatile. The pin up's style works great if you are going for a vintage feel.

Kel said...

#2 reminds me of mine a bit - let me send you some of the pics I used. At least we know Luisa knows what she's doing there.
p.s. you shouldn't feel ashamed of your tattoo! And if you do... get some hardcore coverup. No one would ever know if you got it done really well and set.

Ola said...

I like number 1. It's elegant yet romantic and "flowy".