Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tradition, Schmadition ...

You've all heard the saying:
" Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe."

A bride on frugal bride was asking for ideas for "something old". That led me to realise I haven't really thought much about it. Also made me think, what's the deal with the tradition, and do I really care to follow it?

So I did some research. My hard research (aka the first website google brought back) took me to

~ "The "old" item represents something you are leaving behind or something that is being passed down to you."

OK, something I'm leaving behind. Well, since I'm assuming the boys surname, that would mean I'm leaving my wicked cool surname "Currie" behind. So .. my tattoo!! DONE

~ "The "new" item represents something you are adopting through your marriage or something that is unique to your new union"

Hmmm. adopting or unique to the union. Does combined debt count? Well, since we lived together that pretty much happened 2+ years ago. This is hard. I think I'll need to come back to this one.

~ "The "borrowed" item should be symbolic of something you respect or admire about someone or something."

Frig, so picky aren't they? Symbolic, respect. So if I did borrow Kelly's boustier, does that mean I'm respecting her boobs? Interesting. Oh I know!! How about BrOla's wedding? Bruce and Ola got married last April at Berkeley Church. Jer and I turned to eachother before the ceremony and said "this is our wedding. Bruce and Ola are showing us what we want for our wedding!". It was spectacular and the major inspiration for our "Rockstar Wedding". So there, our borrowed item is the Berkeley Church from BrOla

~ "The "blue" item really has no symbolism that we can think of - it simply rhymes with "new." Try to select something hidden and small that only you (and later on, your new hubby!) know about."

So basically they're saying bra, undies or garter. BORING!!! Besides, everyone who knows me, knows that even if I went that route, chances are everyone would see :) So, yet another thing I need to work on.

As for sixpence in my shoe? don't think so!

Or, I screw it all together and see what voodoo spell will be cast upon me if I don't worry about such details.