Friday, June 20, 2008

DIY 101

DIY = Do It Yourself

The funny thing about DYI, is the fact I have taken on a few DIY projects myself. Why is this funny?

1 - I have 0 patience.
2 - I am horrible with detail.
3 - I have been banned from painting walls from: Jeremy, Robin (at least a few times), Cortney, Jillian .. the list goes on.

However, I think my peeps who have me on their banned list will be shocked. Without giving away too much (and risk another comment from my mom telling me to stop giving everything away) here are a few things I will be doing (insert Joe Cocker's a little help from my friends) here.

*** DISCLAIMER: if you're coming to the wedding and want to be surprised, don't read further! ***

Our Invitations. I found a design I love on Uniquity Invitations. Jer hunted down the image I wanted, Kelly lent me her CD of 101 fonts, Robin will be hooking me up with some bling, Heather (friend from the states) let me have my cardstock sent to her from Paper Souce and me, I will be putting them together. Again, all with helps from my peeps.

Our Website. Hours and hours went into My Rockstar Wedding. I had mom, Cortney and Kelly (a girl from frugal bride) spell check for me. Still waiting for boy wonder to get me his "stuff" to add to it. Hopefully, by the time we send the invitations, it will be perfect. NB: There is a login /password required so you'll only get to the home page.

Centre Pieces. We have everything we need for these and have done some trials. I think we have it finalised, but I'm sure something will change between now and the wedding. This picture is one of the first trials I did. This has been slightly modified but the general idea is the same. At each table we will be placing an old photo.

Wish Tree. Jer and I have been back on forth on this. Do we want a guest book? yes. But not a traditional "sign our guest book". Do we want pictures via Polariod? Yes, but .... film costs WAY too much money. Plus, I saw this and knew I needed to do something like it.

But, Jer was set on the polariods. It's important to him that he has a picture of EVERYONE at the wedding. OK, fine, polaroid guest book it is. We even got a wicked template from Jen (AKA my saviour I found on FB). But, then I saw this used for seating.

GAME OVER!! I was getting my wishing tree using this as my inspiration. Now, we will still get a pic of everyone to make boy happy, but come on!! This is way too cool to not do!!

Robin introduced me to John Bead. We have a shopping date planned for late July/early August to pick up some fancy (but frugal) bling

The wish cards .. Vista Print offers free business cards. I found a design I can work with so I just need to get them ordered. Or, I'll find cheap 2 fold cards (which actually is more ideal).

And the branches. I've recruited a few of my country friends to pick me up some. Reminds me, better followup on them.

Misc. Here are a few other things I saw that I may try and incorporate into the wedding. At least use them as inspiration for something cool.

Fav DIY websites. Here are a couple of website where I find great ideas:

Style Me Pretty
Project Wedding
Martha Stewart

If you have any more websites I should be looking at, please leave me a comment!!

147 days until I become a Mrs!!


kel said...

Something Blue... :)

Anonymous said...

It didn't show up.. n spaces

William said...

Who is the lucky Fella or is that a big secret?

neo is a decent template. this one works for you wedding blog though