Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Energizer on speed??

Would you have it any other way Kelly? Didn't I tell you what else I've been up to?

* Studying for an IT certification only 600-700 people in the world have
* Volunteered to help coach a Toronto Special Olympics softball team. Still waiting to see if this is a go
* Looking into a possibility at a re-location (just entertaining the idea). Vancouver or Brentford UK. Wouldn't be until Dec/Jan yet (so this will keep me busy if I hit a lull Kel). I can so see Robin's eyes rolling right about now (ha ha ha)

So ya, I get crap from my mom all the time about getting WAY too much on my plate, then stressing out and crying about how stressed I am. Ahhhh .. things never change :)

UPDATE 04/23/08: Got myself signed on to help plan a 2009 destination wedding!! yay!! Still need a catchy name though ... so keep em' coming!!

204 DAYS til I become Mrs Lucky Bastard!!


mom said...

comment test (for Mom)

Mom said...

Can't wait to see what you plan to add to your agenda next! You were never this energetic when you lived at home.

TheDad said...

Have I been asleep for the last little while? what the hell is re-location Vancouver or Brentford UK. Someone talk to me.

The Dad