Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Decision has been made ....

"A Hot Pink Petticoat" it is. The name is registered, and the website domain secured. Don't plan on doing anything with is yet, but when you have something good, you must grab it!!

Also decided Greg is probably the coolest guy ever. Not only is he doing or wedding pix for uber cheap, but he's throwing in e-pics, headshots, and even coming to our engagement BBQ!! So if ANYONE needs a photographer, don't look any further. He IS the guy you want!!

"Butch". Ya. Jer and I were at the Berkeley Church last night for a wine tasting, and saw the coolest dog ever!! So, we're going to get one. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but some day Bonham will have a pet Dog!!!

So that's about it!! 198 days and counting!!


Daniel said...

Hey, I use Google Apps to run my domain & email for my side business, and it works well.
Thought you might enjoy a tip from someone whose domain is nowhere near as cool as A Hot Pink Petticoat.

Ola said...

Butch? I thought that was Hank!

Rockstarbride said...

Ya, but our future dog will be 'Butch"