Thursday, April 17, 2008

Oh my gawd I have a blog!!

This is it. My first blog entry. Who would have thought I'd have a blog? Who really wants to hear what's on my mind?

I decided that I wanted to document my days leading up to Jer and my wedding and thought this would be a great way to do so.

As of today (210 days until I become a rockstarbride) we have been busy planning. We have completed:

* date (Nov 14 2008)
* location (Berkeley Church, Toronto ON)
* Wedding Party confirmed
* dress has been ordered (sorry, would love to post but NO WAY!! hahaha)
* hot shoes have been purchased as well as my party shoes (flats for the reception) en route from the States
* band has been booked - Groovestone
* Officiant booked - Pastor Rick Wells (Currie family friend of 20+ years)
* Flowers ordered - (
* Photographer booked (
* MCs chosen and lined up ready to go
* Musical guests confirmed
* Cake maker confirmed
* Guest lists/addresses complete
* wedding website (except Jer's additions)
* Centre pieces design confirmed
* Hair/Makeup lady booked
* do-it-yourself wedding ring workshop book (July 5)
* Honeymoon (couples resort up North .. thanks for the suggestion Mom!!)

Lots done, but lots still to go. Good thing I have 210 days to go!!


kelly v said...

This is that 'lull' I was telling you about when I got married. You get everything done and then you play the waiting game for a few months... it's painful!!
Then a week before the wedding the action starts up again confirming everything. it's quite the rollercoaster - enjoy it!!

Jane said...

Alison, you are putting us September brides to absolute, disgusting shame!

I can't keep up with your crazy pace!

Ola said...

ok, you are crazy! we did everything like the month before we got married. except the invites... i busted my ass on those things. but we're proscratinators so we pretty much left everything to the last possible minute. you are organized my friend! so... what else is there left to do???? your hair?