Thursday, December 4, 2008

My WICKED Musicians

For those on frugal bride you've already read my review. This is for those who want to get the goods who may not be a babbling bride.

Ceremony Musicians

- Daniel Cockburn is an old friend of Jer's who brushed off his key skills just for our wedding. How perfect for someone who was there when Jer got into this music thing, be there, on his birthday, to play our wedding. I didn't hear Dan, but I imagine he was fab.

- Shelby Richardson is a friend of ours from Dance Fusion who agreed to sing "I Want to Hold You Hand" (Across the Universe version) while my girls walked down the aisle. I heard her sing, and I trying really hard to catch my breath before it was my turn. She looked and sang beautifully.

- Chris Caddell came in last minute to accompany Daniel and Shelby. Chris was also playing with our wedding band, Stifler's Mom.

Cocktail Musician

- Jonie Lament is a friend of ours who did us the honour of entertaining our guests during the cocktail hour. From what we heard, he was fantastic. Check out his facebook page

Reception Rockstars

- Stifler’s Mom (1/2 are Thornely’s band, guitar player is Sass Jordan’s guitar player). We hired Stifler’s Mom to be our wedding band, and what a great decision that was. Even with the soundguy sucking, they kept kicking ass. Jer has said a couple of times, that it was these guys who brought the party back (after speeches .. which can be hard). We even got feedback from his mom that his family loved the music. They were friendly, and hugged me all night. I love rockstars! They were real pros, and had the dance floor packed the entire night.
- Check out their My Space

- Driver. Driver played a set at the wedding and did not disappoint. They learned a whack load of new songs just for me. Yep, I am loved. But I should be! Jeremy is a member as is my BIL Scott, and one of the groomsman, Ryan.

- They even went as far as to get Bruce Gordon (member of I Mother Earth) to come up and play with them for one of my fav IME songs, Another Sunday. IT WAS AWESOME! After their set, Andrew from the Berkeley told DH that he loved their band and would like to get them in there for future Berkeley events.

- Don't be lame and hire them for your wedding. Check out their website

Special Guests
- first there was the Kelly clan who sang their version of "We Will Praise You" (think "We will rock you")

- next up my father who sang a snippet of some song {What A Difference You Made in My life - Ronnie Milsap) at the conclusion of his speech:

- then Jer's parents. Mike did a "welcome" sing song and him and Anne ended their speech with a rap/limmerick

- last, Jer and I sang the song "Anything Else But You" from the Juno soundtrack. We couldn't let those before us outshine us could we?? Nah ...

- Of course, dad and the lads performed a tune or 3 :)

It was AWESOME!!! I have a feeling there was a lot of laughter at the wedding. Especially from my gals back home who would never see this at a Belleville Wedding. They are so lucky to have me!!