Friday, December 12, 2008

Bou .. Bou .. Boudoir

A LONG time ago I posted about the trend of boudoir shots. Well, as my wedding gift to my hubby, he got himself a whole book of me looking el-hot.

The Place: Robin's bachelorette pad
The Photographer: Lisa Mark

Step 1: Pick your most judgemental friend, with a brand spanking new house to be your support person. CHECK

Step 2: Find a wicked photographer who has a stunning portfolio of boudoir photos. CHECK

Step 3: Visit your hair stylist and ask for hot bedroom hair. CHECK

Step 4: Grab some booze and make your way over to the "photoshoot set". CHECK

Step 5: Get your friend to make you up all smokin' hot. CHECK

Step 6: Drink a cooler and wait for the photographer to arrive. CHECK

Step 7: Display your "outfits" to your judgemental friend and have her choose the outfits. CHECK

Step 8: Photographer arrives, she has a drink, and off you go. CHECK

Step 9: Make use of LOTS of natural light to make you lose at least 50 lbs. CHECK

Step 10: Make use of your friend's HOT black boots. CHECK

2 hours and 300+ pictures later, this is all you will get to see. My dad does actually read this :)

For those in the GTA or surrounding areas, you need to contact Lisa today and hook yourself up with you own hot shots. Ladies, if I can look hot, then you can look UBER va-va-voom.



Jenna said...

The pink tutu is definitely not my husbands style, but oh how I love it and would loved to have had one of my own!

Rockstarbride said...

When I bought it, it wasn't for this. It was for my business (shameless plug). Being a dance teacher, I decided it may be fun. The colour turned out wicked inthese pics.