Friday, November 28, 2008

Dress Shopping as done by a Rockstar Bride

The dress process for me was .. whatever. Anyone who knows me, know that I hate shopping when I:

1) I don't know what I want
2) I know what I want but I can't find it

By the time I went dress shopping, I already knew the dress I wanted.

Let me take you through my wedding dress process:

Step 1: Look through wedding magazines. The first wedding magazine I bought after Jer and I got engaged, was a Martha Stewart Wedding Magazine. I flipped through the magazine and earmarked all the dresses I liked.

Step 2: Go back through the dresses I liked and logon on to each dress maker's website and mark, in the magazine, the store and phone number to the store.

Step 3: Keep going back to that one dress, that for whatever reason, keeps drawing you in. This was the picture of "that dress".

Step 4: Call every store in the GTA and ask if they carry "that dress". FAIL

Step 5: Take a trip out to a few stores with your maid of honour and mother and try on every freaking style possible. Fish and Chips before the dress search is a must.

Step 6: Call every store on the website and ask if they carry "that dress". SUCCESS! result: 1 store in Windsor, and one store in Waterdown.

Step 7: Make an appointment with The Coach House Bridal Salon to got try on "the dress".

Step 8: Stop in a couple of more stores, just in case.

Step 9: Grab your maid of honour and mom and take a trip out to The Coach House Bridal Salon, first stopping for fish and chips.

Step 9:Try on "the dress" and hear from your maid of honour, "That's it. That's your dress" and reply with "I know".

Step 11: Entertain your mother by trying on more dresses, just in case.

Step 12: Order "the dress"

Step 13: Contact your bridesmaid with the mother-in-law who is a costume designer, to see if she can hook you up with her mother-in-law for alterations. "Please shorten and make me less booby please". SUCCESS!! (pic below is before the alterations)

Step 14: Day of the wedding, put the dress on and look DAMN HOT standing next to your hot and crazy Newfie friend. SUCCESS

And that's the story of how my dress, my poor partied hard in that it's dirty, holey and missing gems dress came to be my rockstar bride dress!