Monday, May 26, 2008

our lucky day!!

1. Phone rings this AM, it's my BFF Tara. "Tara, what time is it?" She tells me 7:30am. AHHHHH!!!! My car!! See, to avoid paying for parking in our area, I park on Eglinton during certain hours. That being said, I need to move my car by 7am. "Jer, I'm late! can you move my car?" .. go to the end of this tale, no ticket :)

2. I'm at work, and I find out I passed my HUGE ITSM exam!! Woo hoo!! Only 11th person in my company of 38,000 people who have this!! I rock :)

3. Jer calls, and our moo card/stickers have arrived. He tells me they look great!

4. Jer also tell me his tax return came! BRING ON MORE MONEY!!!

So, this is our lucky day. I bought 2 x 6/49 tickets (with encore of course) and already warned Robin she will be my superhero when I win the lottery and bang my "I quit" drum around the office.

yay!! So glad after a week of crap, things finally are looking up :)


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